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Introduction to Fall Adventures (Newsletter)

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians of Adventurers,

Thank you so much for joining us in our Fall Adventures Games. We appreciate your patience as we are transitioning to a new system, and we’re excited to move forward with you all.


Below you will find info on our new game system, our proposed session length changes, a new interactive software, and important updates on pricing and resources. Please read through this letter carefully so you are aware of all our changes going forward.

New System, New Adventures

We are excited to be transitioning to the 5th edition (5e) version of D&D this week, which our Adventures System was based off of. We know lots of Adventurers aren’t familiar with it, so we will dedicate the first session to character building and rules (and a little adventuring if we finish quickly) in what is called a “Session 0”. They are important both for making sure everyone is on the same page and for setting group expectations for playing together, and always lead to better games. For this first month Adventurers will play through the Sunless Citadel, a classic and beloved adventure first written in 2000.

Even though we will be running games with 5e, that doesn’t mean we’ve retired our previous Adventures system, which we recommend for younger or less experienced Adventurers. Let us know if that sounds right for you.

Session Length Changes

5th Edition and once-per-week sessions both tend to favor somewhat longer games. Among friends, we regularly play sessions that run upwards of 4 hours. Though we won’t be doing that here, groups of Adventurers will have a choice to play either 5 weeks of 2-hour sessions or 4 weeks of 2.5-hour sessions, both including breaks. The price is identical, and the method will be chosen when groups are put together. We recommend longer sessions for groups that want to move through the stories faster.

New Interactive Map Software

Going forward, we will be having all Adventurers use Roll20, a program which we’ve been using for maps by sharing our screens. We now own a subscription to the software under our business name. This software will give Adventurers direct control over their characters and allow them to explore the world in much more intimate ways with light and vision, while also integrating, managing, and building their character sheets. Before our Adventure starts, we’ll need each Adventurer to make an account here: Adventurers do not need any prior knowledge of how to use Roll20, and we’ll make sure everyone is on the same page during Session 0. We will provide you with a guide later in the week. Please note it is recommended for everyone to have a computer for this.

Updates on Resources and Pricing

We are proud to say we've obtained an official business license and are now listed on Google as an official website. This license will soon allow us to take payments online, and run in a more official capacity as we continue to grow. As our program is taking up more and more time and accruing fixed costs (website, license, Roll20 program), we have decided to increase our pricing from $125 per participant to $150 per participant (for 10 hours of game). We realize this comes at a late notice, so we will be operating on a sliding scale for sessions that start this week. If you are able to, we ask that you pay $150 to help us cover our starting expenses of hosting a website, using new programs, and officializing our business. Should that not be possible, we will accept $125 for this coming month. Thank you for sticking with us and joining us on this adventure!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to adventuring with you!

Tyler and Dimitri

Mages of the Mountains

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