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A Summary of Summer

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

We had 7 wonderful weeks of camp during the summer of 2020, from Mid July to the End of August. Here are some of the adventures that we embarked upon:

(Trial Run) Venomfang's Wrath- The players rescued the town of Phandalin from an angry green dragon who had made a pact with the nearby goblins against the town.

(1) Shadow of Talos- The players uncovered a plot to resurrect the destructive God of Storm Talos, and killed his avatar, the lightning boar Gorthok.

(2) The Bylake Incident- Strange creatures were surfacing near the innocent town of Bylake: the shores of Lake Bluff infested with giant crabs, bugs mutating into giant monstrosities, and plants coming to life, hungry for flesh. With the help of the witch Agatha, the adventurers discovered that the water of lake bluff had been poisoned with magic, and faced off against the creature that lurked in its depths: a terrifying and absurdly large kraken.

(3) The Blooming Festival- Now well-known adventurers in the realm, they were called by the King of Stormsreach to attend the great blooming festival, when the great ancestor tree blooms forth flowers of prophecy whose mere smell grants visions of the future. After helping the Ruler of Lord's Hall keep her throne, they ventured to the town of Elk Tree

(4) Shadows of Fargon- One year after the incident at the Blooming Festival, a dark prophecy emerges from Elk Tree: the destruction of the island itself. The adventurers have to

(5) Druids of Yester Hill- After escorting a caravan shipment to the small town of Duskehold to the north, the party hears about strange disappearances in the town. Upon investigating, they uncover a sect of druids and werewolves plotting to destroy the town.

(6) Curse of the Vampire- The druids, as it turns out, were employed by a Vampire Lord by the name of Victor, believed to have died 400 years prior. Fighting through his terrifying castle, the players hope to reach him in time before he plunges the whole of the northern lands into darkness.

(7) Storm Lord's Wrath- The players arrive in the town of Leyland, currently under construction, but become entangled with a cult to an evil storm god.

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Art: Weremole on DeviantArt

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