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Our Program

Want your kids out of your hair? Are they bored, stuck at home, or perhaps searching for new friends and companions? Does your offspring feel the innate desire to slay dragons and save the realm?

Mages of the Mountains presents...

D&D Adventures!
No upcoming events at the moment

D&D Adventures?

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a cooperative storytelling game that takes place in a medieval setting and helps build teamwork, problem solving, and social skills. Mages of the Mountains have pared down the game to its narrative essentials, focusing on accessibility for all ages. Your child will join up to four companions as they create characters that work together to solve problems, face challenges, and save the day in a unique adventure shaped by their decisions! Throughout the game, they'll learn how to be confident in their own talents and when to rely on others for help. All they need to play is a computer, a pencil, and their imagination. Curious?


Our Summer Adventures

Want to know what we've been up to all summer?

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