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DnD online adventure

Mages of the Mountains

A New Adventure Awaits!

The Big Adventure by Guillaume "zazB" Bonnet

About Mages of the Mountains

At Mages of the Mountains, we offer kids ages 8-12 an opportunity to embark on a great adventure online using the Dungeons & Dragons system. Our program focuses on teamwork and problem solving as they play heroic characters in a medieval setting. Navigate our site or contact us for more information!

Our Program

We offer a variety of activities for your kids' enjoyment and education, including but not limited to:​​

Weekly Adventures!

Birthday Parties!

Group Sessions

Seasonal One-Shots!



Browse our website or click the "Book Online" button below for more information. 

Your Game Masters

We're a group of passionate creators, nerds, and fans of Dungeons & Dragons who have come together to share our love of gaming, role playing, and story telling with your kids!

tyler photo.jpg

Tyler Strafford (He/Him)

Co-Creator/Game Master

dimitri photo.jpg

Dina Fulconis (She/Her)

Co-Creator/Game Master

Phie Jacobs (They/Them)

Phie Jacobs (They/Them)

Game Master/Writer

Contact Us

Phone- (415) 990-2812 (Français)

Phone- (425) 919-9960 (English)

Onwards to Adventure!

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